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Along with my 7 year daughter I went to a bakery. She was searching for a cake. She was getting attracted towards fancy cakes. But it was costing more so I was searching a plain cake because of the cost. After comparing the cost I realized due to toppings the cost had almost doubled.

It reminded me about the Career – we do Graduations but our value is not that much. The market is demanding. Companies are also expecting toppings – additional courses on our base degree.

Whether it’s Medical, Engineering, Commerce or Arts – Career topping is must.

The Career Toppings differ from industry to industry. Sometimes a topping is a plain diploma or sometimes it’s a Post-Graduation degree.

As in the case of cake the topping was deciding the value of cake in the similar manner our topping of education will decide our value.

Just take the health care example. In our cities around 1980s a plain MBBS had a great value. But as time passed MBBS value got reduced and now value/demand is for double toppings (super specialization).

In case of Engineering no value unless it’s not topped with is MS, MTech, M.E. or a decent job oriented course.

Also these toppings vary as the experience, time and place changes.

Sometimes family circumstances don’t allow to top up our basic graduations. In such situations it’s must to opt a Specialized Graduation.

Now let’s see what’s an specialized Graduation?

We used to do B.Sc. with Physics, Chemistry or Biology etc. If we cannot top up B.Sc. then we should opt for B.Sc. with Cardiac Care, Cath lab, X-ray and Anesthesia etc.

Instead of doing Plain Vanilla Graduations (B.Sc. or B.A etc) we should opt for skillful Graduations (in Paramedical) or Technical courses (in the field of repair and maintenance) etc – which gives us skills and makes us valuable.

So a right topping or specialized course is the need of the hour to make a successful Career…Best Of Luck.

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